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Bill Weasley
Being The Big Brother 
11th-Jan-2006 10:20 pm
Almost Smile
I’ve been home for several weeks now and at work for three days. As yet I have managed to avoid most of my family, Ginny doesn’t count as I work with her, and concentrate solely on the love of my life.

It is good to be me

And it isn’t that I don’t want to see my family, but my wife puts up with a lot and I feel that it is a waste to not repay her kindness. So I devote most of my attention to her while I am home. Now that I am on vault duty here in London I feel that I can seek out my siblings. I’ve decided to track down the twins first, so at lunch I leave and wander down to their shop. I find them both there, and in good spirits. We chat for a bit and I notice a seriousness about George that was not there when I left. He seems pale and as if he’s lost some weight. If I had to hazard a guess, I would suspect girl troubles but I do not feel that the situation requires my intervention. I’m not good with those sorts of things anyway. I know that if I wait long enough, Ginny will do it for me and in a much better fashion.

Fred, on the other hand, goes on about a Muggle contractor that is giving him hell for being himself. I have to try not to smile as it is clear to me that he has met the match of our mum in temper and now has to work with her. Overall though, Fred seems to be in good spirits and health.

It’s George that has me concerned, but I trust that if he needs to talk, he will seek me out. More than likely, he’ll go to Ginny though.

Next I am off to see my baby brother, Ron who has managed in the last year to top me in height. It is disconcerting, to say the least, that I have to look up to meet his eyes when I can clearly remember holding him as a baby. We exchange the usual insults that flow naturally between brothers and I ask him how he’s recovering from being attacked. He says he is recovered and I ask about how work is going.

Ron winks at me before complaining loudly that he’s been stuck on nightshift and that the hours are horrible. I then see a middle aged man, portly and with a straight mustache walk by, giving Ron a malicious look.

Ron grins and explains, "He's sending Justin to the Phoenix House for the Douglas Kids first transformation, I haven't been assigned it... yet."

I can help but chuckle at that. “So if you complain about the work, you’ll get the crummy jobs as well?”

"The crummy jobs I want, yeah.”

I nod and clap him on the back. “I’m proud of you, Ron. You’ve come a long way and I know that Susan would want you and Justin there, since she can trust you.”

“ And at least we won't be some idiots who'll hex them the first chance they get.”

We continued on in this vein, discussing werewolf rights and the prejudices that still plague the country until I have to return to work. I tell Ron that I will see him around and that he should stop into Gringotts to have lunch with Fleur, Ginny and I some time. I then mention that Fleur only works part time so he would have to check. Ron looks a little weary but I don’t press him since I saw him flinch at the mention of Ginny’s name. It seems my sister has been making her rounds. But at least Ron looks sober, so she seems to have done some good.

I Apparate back to Gringotts and head to my office to find Ginny in shock while looking over Harry’s bank records. I reason with her that the money isn’t important and push her back off to work. A few minutes later, Fleur arrives to say hello and fifteen minutes later we both get back to work. Being a top-level curse breaker has its advantages, ones that I am fully coming to appreciate. I grin down at my beautiful bride and kiss the tip of her nose. Oh yes, it is good to be me.
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