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Bill Weasley
Joyful contemplation 
5th-Mar-2006 06:53 pm
Almost Smile
It is late at night, Fleur is sleeping soundly, but I can’t get any sleep… I keep thinking over what happened earlier.

My mind has still not wrapped itself around the idea.

I’m going to be a Dad!!!

Even thinking of it makes tremors of joy rush through me. I have this restless feeling inside me. I feel like going out to the rooftops and screaming out the news. I want to tell all my family and everybody I know about it. I just need to share it with someone before I burst.

I also badly want to go to a bar and get pissed drunk to celebrate the occasion. I know if Charlie were alive today we would be doing exactly that.

When Fleur told me… I was so stunned for a few moments that I could only stare at her in bewilderment. It just seemed so… so unreal. And for those first few moments I couldn’t help but think that this was the wrong time for it to happen. Ron was still in the hospital, Ginny was still so fragile. It just didn’t seem right. There would be time for babies later… when everything was back to normal.

And then it hit me… things would never be back to normal. There would always be one thing or another happening that would ensure that I was never ready. I had put so many things on hold in my life. For years I had wanted to spend more time with Fleur, to devote more time to my family. I had always thought that someday I would take time to get to know Ron better. But that someday never came and I almost lost the chance forever.

I looked up to see Fleur’s soft eyes staring into mine, so full of love and anxiousness. And for the first time I realized that she was carrying my baby. A baby made we made in love, a baby that is part of me… a part of her

I doubt mere words will never explain the feeling that passed through me at that moment. I felt this burst of pure joy shoot through me and I had never loved my wife as much as I did at that moment. She has given me such an incredible gift.

I pulled her to me gently, hardly being able to see her for the tears in my eyes and kissed her fiercely, even as my hand roamed gently over her still flat stomach.

I sensed she was tired from her day and so I lifted her up into my arms and began to carry her to our bedroom. On the way I bent down to capture her lips again. “I love you, Fleur, thank you so much.”

As I watch her sleep right now she looks like the most beautiful woman in the world to me. And I know she will look even more beautiful in a few months.

I can’t wait.
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