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Bill Weasley
An End To My Lifestyle 
3rd-Apr-2006 02:38 pm
Maybe Upset
The past few days have been a series of surprises that have managed to turn my life upside down.

I found out I’m having twins.

One kid I was prepared for... but two??? And its twin boys. After seeing my mother nearly lose her sanity trying to raise Fred and George I admit I was a bit apprehensive at first. But I have slowly come to get used to the idea. And I really can’t wait for my boys to be born.

And besides... maybe twin girls wouldn’t have been such a great idea... not if they inherited Veela genes. I have seen and heard horror stories about Fleur and Gabrielle growing up and the raging hormones and tantrums. I think it’s probably best not to have two kids who might set the house on fire every time they are upset. Though if Fred and George have any influence over them the boys might do that too...

Hmm... I must remember to keep them away from Fred and George. Perhaps only allow them monitored visits.

Today I heard more news that has forced me into making some hard choices. Gringotts is sending me to Mexico for six months on another high profile dig. The impression I got was that they couldn’t afford to waste one of their best cursebreakers on a desk job.

The thought does excite me, sets my blood racing. Somewhere inside me a part of me will always want to go off on the next adventure. It’s too deep in my blood, like an addiction.

And I know that Fleur won’t stop me. Not if I decide to go.

But I can’t do this to her, won’t do this to her. I need to be with her, need to support her through this. And perhaps it is time I stopped my glory hunting ways and settled down. I am getting too old to risk my neck. I have some responsibilities towards my family now, and I will fulfill them.

Turning down the Mexico trip would mean losing my job. But it’s a price I’m prepared to pay. I will find another job. My reputation will assure that at least.
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