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Bill Weasley
Attack On Fortune Square 
11th-Jul-2006 10:05 pm
When the alert for the attack on Fortune Square comes in I know it is time for my team to respond. I give Ginny a worrisome look and fiercely kiss my wife pouring all my passion and words I don’t have time for into the act.

I hurry outside knowing that Harry, Ginny, Hermione, and my wife are alerting the others on my team with their Patronus Charms. I concentrate and make a pair of Apparations and land in Fortune Square.

I glance around and quickly spot Hestia Jones and Dedalus Diggle among the crowd that is fleeing in panic. Last month Lucius’s followers hit the square, launched a volley of spells that detonated in the businesses on the ground level then fled. This month they seem to be taking a different tact.

There is smoke coming from one block to the south on Beltry Lane. This time they are hitting the residential section. I motion for the others to follow me and scramble down Fortune Lane. What I find is absolute chaos. To my right several of the buildings are in flames. To my shock there are already Ministry personnel on the scene battling the Inferi. Of course they are mostly in shock at seeing their foes shrug off spells that should incapacitate or kill.

The next thirty minutes are a blur of casting curses and hexes and blocking them. Watching innocent bystanders cut down and culminating with Hestia and I frantically digging Dedalus out of a pile of flaming debris that buries him when #7 Beltry Lane collapses in upon itself.

Everything is still confusion, but the Death Eaters finally flee when the last of their Inferi are destroyed by a Relasho Curse. I hastily return to Hestia who has been doing her best to tend to Dedalus and together we Side-Along Apparate him to The Phoenix House where hopefully Penny and Susan can patch him up.

I hope the other teams had better luck than we did tonight.

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