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Bill Weasley
My Sons 
4th-Oct-2006 09:29 pm
I am exhausted. I haven’t showered today and I know that I smell of baby puke but it really doesn’t matter.

It was my baby that spit up on me. Actually, I am pretty sure that both of them spit up a bit on me. It was a struggle to get the boys to eat the first few times and Fleur struggled a bit with getting them latched on but both of our mothers helped her through the night and this morning she is a pro.

I am so proud of my wife that I could burst. I spent about an hour just holding baby Charlie and now I have baby Matt in my arms. Fleur rolled her eyes and grinned at me when I used their nicknames but she has continued to use their full names. I think she probably always will.

Maybe it will just be a father and sons experience. They are beautiful, and I didn’t expect any less with Fleur as their mother, but it is also a kick to see all of that red hair. They are still pretty bald but the hair they have is red. My mum and dad have cooed over them, Fred and George have already dropped off boxes that I am afraid to open. Ron and Hermione stopped by to hold them, followed quickly by Ginny, Harry, Tina, Penny, Rachel and baby Andrew.

Fleur’s family has been in and out too.

Despite my lack of hygiene, my obvious mental lapses from being so tired, and my goofy smile, all I have heard is congratulations.

The best was having my dad tell me that he’s proud of me and he knows I’m going to be an amazing father.

Matt is now completely asleep so I lay him down next to his brother and cover him with a blanket. He snuggles up to his brother, as close as he can get and falls into a deep sleep. I imagine that this is where he will always be comfortable and I can understand more fully why my twin brothers are the way they are. Fleur is exhausted as well and sleeping soundly. I take this opportunity to take a picture of my boys… not of their mother, though. She would murder me if I took a picture of her right now.

It’s like I said… they’re just beautiful and they get all of it from their mother.
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