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Bill Weasley
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28th-Oct-2006 11:19 am - Epilogue: July 2010
Almost Smile
My life has been full of blessings and they all lead up to my wife and children. Fleur and I have had our ups and downs, it is true. One can hardly expect to come out unscathed after having been married to a pregnant, part-Veela, but on the whole I have come out relatively unharmed. My wife is beautiful, powerful, intelligent, and… did I mention drop dead gorgeous? It wasn’t her looks that first attracted me but it doesn’t ever fade! She is as beautiful today as she was when we first met.

I am one lucky bastard.
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4th-Oct-2006 09:29 pm - My Sons
I am exhausted. I haven’t showered today and I know that I smell of baby puke but it really doesn’t matter.

It was my baby that spit up on me. Actually, I am pretty sure that both of them spit up a bit on me. It was a struggle to get the boys to eat the first few times and Fleur struggled a bit with getting them latched on but both of our mothers helped her through the night and this morning she is a pro.
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11th-Jul-2006 10:05 pm - Attack On Fortune Square
When the alert for the attack on Fortune Square comes in I know it is time for my team to respond. I give Ginny a worrisome look and fiercely kiss my wife pouring all my passion and words I don’t have time for into the act.

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3rd-Apr-2006 02:38 pm - An End To My Lifestyle
Maybe Upset
The past few days have been a series of surprises that have managed to turn my life upside down.

I found out I’m having twins.

One kid I was prepared for... but two??? And its twin boys. After seeing my mother nearly lose her sanity trying to raise Fred and George I admit I was a bit apprehensive at first. But I have slowly come to get used to the idea. And I really can’t wait for my boys to be born.
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5th-Mar-2006 06:53 pm - Joyful contemplation
Almost Smile
It is late at night, Fleur is sleeping soundly, but I can’t get any sleep… I keep thinking over what happened earlier.

My mind has still not wrapped itself around the idea.

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4th-Mar-2006 07:43 pm - Fate's strange games.
Maybe Upset
It’s been a rollercoaster of a few days.

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14th-Feb-2006 10:36 pm - A Valentines I Don't Want To Remember
This has been a day that I wouldn’t relive for anything. It started out with Fleur and I leaving for a Valentines lunch early. Ginny stayed in my office to work on paperwork and told me that she would meet me there to discuss several accounts when I got back. I left with Fleur for a relaxing meal at my Mum’s restaurant. Fleur has been a little off lately and I had hoped that this would cheer her up. It seemed to have done the trick as she ate everything in front of her, including some of my food.
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17th-Jan-2006 09:16 am - Call To The Ministry
Maybe Upset
“The Ministry is clambering for answers and we’re right in the middle of it,” I tell my sister as she strides towards me. We were both summoned to the Ministry to answer questions.
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11th-Jan-2006 10:20 pm - Being The Big Brother
Almost Smile
I’ve been home for several weeks now and at work for three days. As yet I have managed to avoid most of my family, Ginny doesn’t count as I work with her, and concentrate solely on the love of my life.

It is good to be me
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12th-Dec-2005 10:35 pm - Rememberance
Maybe Upset
Tonight Ginny and I took a break to sit and talk about Charlie. We laughed as we remembered his life and we cried for his loss. He was my closest brother and I'm thankful that I have Ginny here with me to remember him. I don't think I could do this alone. The only blessing is that she and I have the tomb to occupy us and I know that Charlie would have understood that. I hope Mum is doing all right tonight, but I'm sure she isn't. I pray that I never have to lose another sibling this way again.
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