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Bill Weasley
Epilogue: July 2010 
28th-Oct-2006 11:19 am
Almost Smile
My life has been full of blessings and they all lead up to my wife and children. Fleur and I have had our ups and downs, it is true. One can hardly expect to come out unscathed after having been married to a pregnant, part-Veela, but on the whole I have come out relatively unharmed. My wife is beautiful, powerful, intelligent, and… did I mention drop dead gorgeous? It wasn’t her looks that first attracted me but it doesn’t ever fade! She is as beautiful today as she was when we first met.

I am one lucky bastard.

Charlie and Matt came home and we began our life together as a family. Fleur eventually went back to work, although she took the boys with her, and I continued to work with Ginny when she wasn’t staying home with the girls. After the war though, it a lot slower in our line of work and eventually I branched out to protecting businesses and even a few Ministry owned buildings. It was steady work and less dangerous than climbing through tombs. Fleur appreciated that.

When the twins were a year old, we found out that Fleur was pregnant again but this time I was prepared! I knew that she was pregnant even before she did.

I do believe it was the plate that went flying past my head that tipped me off.

However Christopher was adorable, and well worth the bruises. He’s a fighter, just like his uncles, and he didn’t let his older brother’s boss him around. We were very happy with our three boys and content to stop right there.

But fate decided that we weren’t done yet and not long afterwards, we found out that Fleur was pregnant with another boy, who we named Alexander. Alex came into the world not long after his cousin, Bryan, and the two of them were best friends from the word ‘go’. Ginny and I often marvel at how alike the two are, appearances not withstanding, and I can only compare it to my twin sons. They share a bond that is very unique.

Last, but never to be least, is my baby girl. I can remember vividly when Ginny was born and how she was the baby of the family… for about a minute. Then she was her own spitfire and Madeline is just the same. She’s her mother’s daughter and she is so amazingly beautiful, with her bright red hair and clear blue eyes, that I can’t get enough of holding her. Her brothers are very protective of her and Maddie screams her head off when they hover. She knows how to get her way and twist each of us around her little finger. Fleur is the only one who can deal with her because none of her ‘tricks’ work on her mother. All I can do is grin like an idiot and let my wife handle her.

I’m pretty sure that life couldn’t be more perfect.

…until I get another plate thrown at my head and then I shall reevaluate.
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